Get A Six Pack At Home With These Awesome Ab Workouts

Firstly what you need to know about having a chiseled six pack is that you need to be lean for the ab muscles to be visible.

You could have very strong abs but if you are carrying a bit of fat then your abs may not be very visible. However when you work your abs you will be burning fat and having good ab muscles  will improve your metabolism and strengthen your core thus helping to prevent back injury.

Here is a video that shows some advanced ab workouts that you may not have seen, it is always good to mix up your schedule and try different things.

Doing the same workouts all the time is not only boring but you will not develop strength in all areas of your muscles and you will not get muscle gain as fast as what you can if you are doing a variety of exercises.

This next Video is from a popular youtube channel that goes by the name of Barstarzz , like the name suggests most of their workouts consist of workouts that you can do not at a gym but on a bar for example the monkey bars in a playground.

See if you can do this is a circuit – what does that mean? Do each exercise back to back (without resting in between) start off with 10 reps of each then move on to 15, 20, 25 etc.

Here is another video demonstration from barstarzz, for this one you will need access to a power rack or pull up bar.

Train hard to naturally increase your testosterone levels . Remember – No Pain, No Muscle Gain. This last exercise is called a russian twist, it is an a excellent workout for finishing up your routine to get those ab muscles properly fatigued.

I normally do two ab workouts per week, once your abs are where you want them to be you can cut down to one per week just as a maintenance workout, I normally spend about 20 minutes on my abs so it is something that you could tag on to the end of a workout.

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