Addidas Spring Blade Women’s Range

Not only do these shoes look awesome but they are also very functional. They reduce impact on your joints, help to add more ‘spring’ to your step and propel you forward. (pun unintentional) The futuristic looking design is guaranteed to turn heads and the breathable mesh outer layer makes them ideal for those who suffer from sweaty feet or those who train very hard!

Who should uses these shoes?

They are more geared towards someone who has knee or joint problems, or if you are paranoid about your joints.

It is not advised to run through rugged terrain as the blades may break off, designed for running on pavements, grass dirt roads etc.

People who are on there feet for hours a day at work have found these shoes to offer relief for their joints.

Keep in mid that everyone’s body is different, some people love the feel of these shoes and some don’t.

If you run regularly or run on uneven ground then you may want to go for another type of shoe as springs have a chance of breaking off.


Adidas Performance Women’s Springblade W Running Shoe

adidas Performance Women's Springblade W Running Shoe

These Adidas running shoes come in 5 different colors are purely synthetic with a sock like inner sole for extra comfort. The rubber pads on the bottom are surprisingly ‘grippy’. ┬áThese particular shoes are a little high in the heel, some people prefer that and some don’t. Click here to check current price on amazon

Adidas Women’s Springblade Drive Running Shoes

Adidas Women's Springblade Drive Running Shoes

These come in 8 different colors and designs, You can view them all by clicking here.

Adidas Women’s Springblade Drive 2 Running Shoe

Adidas Women's Springblade Drive 2 Running Shoe

These differ to the first drive range by being less ‘springy’ and slightly lighter. Some people did not like how springy the previous model was and wanted a model with less bounce – here they are. Click here.

Adidas Women’s Springblade Razor Mesh Running Shoes

Adidas Women's Springblade Razor Mesh Running Shoes

Very similar to the shoes mentioned above with minor differences, a more snug feel, fabric inner sole and slightly different outward appearance. Click here to purchase on amazon.

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