The Best Ab Wheel Rollers To Help You Build Your Dream Chiseled Six Pack

Everyone wants six pack abs, but they’re doing it all wrong. Even though your diet is crucial, crunches aren’t going to do much when you’re trying to build a rock solid core. The ultimate exercise everyone in the world should be doing is the ab wheel rollout, and here are some of the best ab wheel rollers you can buy to help you reach your chiseled six pack goal.

The Ab Wheel Roller Pro
The Ab Wheel Roller Pro
Key Points

#Design includes 2 wheels for stability

#Includes instructional how-to videos

#It comes with a lifetime warranty


One of the reasons the ab roller pro┬áis rated so highly is because it comes fully assembled, which doesn’t sound like a big deal until you realize what happens when the opposite is true. The ones you have to assemble yourself usually fall apart. The size of the wheels ensures you won’t wobble around when using it. This is helped even more due to its double-wheeled design, which is why it’s considered one of the best ab wheel rollers on the market.


The biggest concern seems to be the strength of the plastic, and if the person using the wheel doesn’t use it correctly it’s been known to bend a little. The wheels can also stiffen up over the life of the ab wheel, which will make using it a lot more difficult. A few people feel like the handles could be more comfortable, and if you were to fall into this category it could stop you from using the ab wheel on a regular basis. Click here to purchase.

Workout Precision Ab Roller Wheel

Workout Precision Ab Roller WheelKey Points

#The ab wheel has 5.5-inch extra long handles

#Large single wheel has a non-slip surface

#It comes with a soft knee pad for your comfort


The single wheel means you have to activate your core a lot more to prevent yourself from falling over, and because of the non-slip wheel surface it will stop you from sliding around. The bonus knee pad that comes with the ab wheel roller is also priceless, because when you’re starting out your knees can give up before your abs. Unless you have huge hands, you’ll also be able to grab the handles with varying grip positions.


One small negative about the wheel is the fact in arrives in two separate pieces, so you’ll have to make sure it’s secured together properly before you will feel confident using it. They also don’t have the best foam wrapped around the handles, and even though it won’t affect you straight away it’s possible the foam will tear away after you’ve used it long enough. Nobody else has anything too negative to say about the ab wheel. To purchase on Amazon, click here.

AB-WOW Ab Roller Wheel

AB-WOW Ab Roller WheelKey Points

#Bonuses include resistance bands and knee pads

#Hits more muscles than any other ab wheel

#Solid design perfect for heavy individuals


A huge talking point of this ab wheel is the resistance bands, which adds a completely new dimension to your workout. It also has wheels that won’t leave scratch marks on your wooden floor, so it’s perfect to use anywhere around the house without worrying about damage. A lot of people appreciate the ability to take their ab wheel apart, because it means they can throw it in the travel bag it comes with to take anywhere.


If you use the bands all the time and stretch them out too far, there is a chance they’ll snap. It doesn’t seem to happen to lots of people if they are not too tall, but they’re still not the greatest resistance bands ever made. The knee pads also have a tendency to slip unless they’re on a carpet, so if you’re using the ab wheel on a wooden floor you might need to put something more grippy underneath them. Click this link to purchase on Amazon.

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