Best Selling Home Gyms That Will Help You Make Some Serious Gains

If you want to build your dream body from the comfort of your own home, you’ll need to look at these best selling home gyms. Each of them will allow you to make some serious gains, but what is impressive about them is how different they are. You want to make sure you buy the right home gym, so look at all the pros and cons of each one to help you come to a final decision.

Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym

Bowflex PR1000 Home GymKey Points

#Resistance goes all the way from 5 to 210 lbs

#You can perform over 30 different exercises

#Bench includes a lat pull down attachment

#Maximum user weight is a respectable 300 lbs

#Can also be used as a rowing machine for cardio


Even though the home gym isn’t the biggest one you can buy, it’s sturdy which is crucial if you want to have a good workout. This will also ensure your new home gym will last you a very long time. A lot of people love the fact the machine resistance comes from rods instead of the normal pulley system you see on similar home gyms.

This special rod system makes it a lot easier to assemble, and move around should you need to. If you don’t know the first thing about training you don’t need to worry, as you’ll be provided with an owner’s manual that will go into lots of detail about the exercises available to you.


One of the biggest flaws is your inability to upgrade the home gym, because even if you’re not strong now you will be soon. This will only affect bigger exercises like the leg press, but you still need to factor it in. If you’re already relatively strong and you have prior gym experience, it would be a lot wiser to buy a home gym with a higher maximum resistance.

Everyone knows when you use a pulley system you’re not lifting the exact weight you think you are, but it’s even more messed up because of the rods. If this isn’t the only thing you use to train it could mix you up. It gets marked down for the leg apparatus too, which seems to be the case with a lot of home gyms so it’s nothing new. Purchase on Amazon here.

Body Solid EXM3000LPS Double Stack Home Gym

Body Solid EXM3000LPS Double Stack Home GymKey Points

#3 different lifters can use the gym at the same time

#Advanced features help allow deeper muscle penetration

#It’s possible to perform every exercise you’ll ever need

#There are two separate 210 pound weight stacks

#Pads are extremely comfortable and durable


When the home gym is delivered it will be packed in lots of boxes, which makes it easy to carry them to where you’re going to set it up. Once it’s up it will feel and look as solid as a rock. One of the positive things about this machine is that it lets you move the weight through the full range of motion on every exercise.

It’s amazing how compact it is considering multiple people can use the gym at the same time. That being said, if your room is too small it might fill it. There are so many stations on the machine you can do any exercise, and because there are a couple of weight stacks you won’t max out on anything too soon.


This might be one of the best selling home gyms for its size, but you’ll need to be smart to set it up. The reason is because the instructions you get are not great, and by the time you’re done you would properly be able to build another one from memory. Some people have even mentioned having to go and buy extra screws.

You’ll also need to use a selection of different tools you’ll not be supplied with when you buy the home gym. The company doesn’t seem to care too much about helping you set it up, which might be because they get lots of calls. All the negative things about this gym are related to setting it up, but when it’s built it is superb. Click here to purchase.

Body Solid StrengthTech EXM2500S Home Gym

Body Solid StrengthTech EXM2500S Home GymKey Points

#210 total pounds going up in 10 pound increments

#Pads are very comfortable and tear-proof

#Home gym is built with heavy duty steel

#The extra lumbar support prevents lower back pain

#It comes with a lifetime warranty for peace of mind


With the exception of the leg press, this home gym will let you do all the popular exercises in your quest for a better body. It even comes with a poster showing you how to do them all, so it would be perfect for beginners. Due to there being no free weights involved you can also do everything without a spotter.

Some might say it’s good enough to be found in a health club, because the construction and durability are so good. It also looks particularly pleasing to the eye, which isn’t necessary but it does still have to live inside your home. Another nice thing is the fact you don’t need to do any cable changes.


You might be able to guess what the major complaint is if you spotted the name of the manufacturer. Once again they haven’t left you with the best instructions to assemble the gym, and even though it’s much smaller than the last one there are still some parts you’ll need to put together using nothing but guesswork.

There is a little rubber shock absorber on the bottom of the stack, but if you don’t release the weights carefully it could make a lot of noise and annoy anyone else who is home. We already mentioned it before, but because you can’t do leg presses you would have to say it’s primarily an upper body gym. Pick it up on amazon by clicking here.

Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Cage with Linear Bearings

Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Cage with Linear BearingsKey Points

#Oversized roller pads provide plenty of comfort

#It has bar catchers and safety stoppers for protection

#The frame has been designed with stability in mind

#A non-slip foot brace to help with certain exercises

#Comes with a 2-year limited warranty


This is the first home gym we’ve looked at where you’ll be using free weights, and everyone knows they can do things machines can’t match. Hitting all your little stabilizer muscles is one such example. Lots of people seem to be happy with the safety measures in place, which is good because that can be a negative of using free weights.

For a large home gym it’s small enough to fit into most rooms, but you’ll still be able to do almost any exercise imaginable on it. Some of the isolation exercises like preacher curls and leg extensions feel good too, which is always welcomed because it’s sometimes hit or miss depending on the build of each home gym.


The biggest drawback is the lack of plates, and you’ll need to spend a lot of money buying them before you can get started. It’s even worse for those who have already spent time in the gym building up a base of strength. The bench is weird because it won’t fit in far enough to let you shoulder press with the back support.

You will also have to get used to positioning the bench correctly before you lift, whereas with other home gyms it’s always fixed in the same position. One small thing a few people don’t seem to like is the bar, because it doesn’t have the markings to help you know where to place your hands like you would find in a normal gym. Check it out on amazon.

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