How To Do Squats Without Injuring Yourself

The most effective and fastest way to build size and strength on your legs is to do squats. There is also a multitude of health reasons as to why you should do squats.

However it is very important that you do them properly as there is a high risk of injuring yourself when doing weighted squats.

Doing squats without weights obviously will reduce or eliminate risk of injury but you will not build muscle unless you are doing weighted squats.

To gain muscle you have to progressively lift heavier weights, therefore good technique when doing is absolutely important.

Ideally you should hire a  certified personal trainer to show you the correct method also be sure to watch yourself in the mirror to ensure that your technique is correct at all times.

If you can’t afford or don’t want to get a personal trainer than the next best option is to watch videos, I have found the most in depth and easy to follow videos and added them below;

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