How To Naturally Increase Your Testosterone

Every guy should have knowledge on how to increase his testosterone naturally. Believe it or not but testosterone levels have been decreasing every year, you are less masculine than your father. I will get into why in another post.

There are a few benefits associated with good testosterone levels;

#You will build muscle much quicker and easier

#You will lose weight easier and keep it off

#A healthy libido

#Increase in energy

#Elevated mood

These are just a few of the many benefits of having a healthy testosterone level. In this post I am going to address 10 of the most effective natural ways of increasing your testosterone that you can incorporate into your every day life!

Heavy Weights & Low Reps


Within the fitness industry it is highly debatable what is the perfect amount of reps for building muscle in the gym. But if you are going for maximum testosterone gain then the perfect amount of reps to aim for is 5 or less, preferably closer to 5.

You should make sure that you have a spotter though as this is going to be a heavy weight so chance of injury is high.


Fewer reps means that you will spend less time in the gym and you will gain more strength, what you won’t get is muscular definition. If definition is what you really want then you can do a few sets with a lighter weight doing more reps, just ensure that the bulk of your workout is spent doing heavy weight with low reps.

Did you know that Arnold Schwarzenegger did not even begin to count reps until he started struggling? What do I mean by that? Basically say you were planning on doing 10 reps for the last 2 you would struggle then by the third you would fail or your spotter would help, Arnold would count that as 3 reps for that set!

Get Enough Sleep At Night


sleepWe all know that sleep is good for us, just pay attention to how you feel when you don’t get enough of it, but did you also know that it also helps to maintain healthy testosterone levels? Therefore it is essential that you get at least 7-9 hours of sleep every night.

Just have a look at this study, on top of that you will also have more energy to use in the gym! Wake up feeling invigorated and masculine after a good nights sleep!


Zinc Is Your Friend

zinc-rich-foodsWhat do you think of when you see a couple feeding each other oysters? The word ‘aphrodisiac‘ must spring to mind, and the consumption of oysters is known to increase your libido.

Have a look at this study. It shows that getting enough zinc in your diet correlates to an increase in testosterone. Zinc can be found in many other foods and as well as supplements however you get a greater absorption through food zinc sources so it is better to source your zinc via your meals.

Use Compound Exercises

pull ups

Compound exercises include; bench press, deadlifts, squats and pulldowns/chin ups. Most guys just go to the gym to do curls and get bigger guns or a few situps for those washboard abs that the ladys love.

However you can both save time and increase your testosterone by doing compound exercises. Whats happening is you are engaging more muscles at once which aids in testosterone production as well as increased weight loss.

You can still do isolation exercises just devote most of your time to compound workouts. Also if you do enough pull ups for example it will build your biceps as well.


Change Your Eating Habits

I don’t want to say you should diet because losing weight needs to occur due to a change in your lifestyle, or your eating habits to be more specific, but none the less you need to shed those extra pounds of fat. Nobody is saying you need to be lean enough to step onto a bodybuilding stage, but if you’re carrying too much fat you’ll have lower testosterone than normal.

We’ll look at other dietary changes to help raise your testosterone higher than it’s sitting at the moment, for the mean time focus on getting more colorful vegetables in your diet, most guys just focus on the macro nutrients – protein, fats, carbs, fibre. But you need to focus on the micro nutrients as well such as vitamins, minerals, antioxidants etc. If you are training hard and eating right then the pounds should shed naturally.


Natural Testosterone Boosters

fenugreek-seedsThere are many natural supplements for increasing testosterone naturally and fenugreek seeds are one of the best. These will help if you are low in testosterone but will not increase testosterone above natural amountss, you need something synthetic and most of the time illegal to do that.

Fenugreek and D-aspartic acid are only a couple of examples of natural testosterone booster supplements you can take every morning, and they’re also usually cheap when you buy powders in bulk. Just do your homework before hand and read reviews.

Increase Your Fat Intake



A few false studies demonized fats – all fats and made them out to be toxic. It is true that some fats are bad for your health such as trans fats and processed vegetable fats but then there are other fats that are essential for good health. Such as essential fatty acids found in nuts and fatty fish.

Avocado and coconut are also good fats that will optimize the natural production of testosterone in your body.

Get Out In The Sun



Unfortunately vitamin-D is something your body can’t create on its own, and the best way to get enough is by going outside and exposing your skin to sunlight. Only then will your skin be able to absorb the uv light and turn it into vitamin-D.

20 minutes each day in the sun is enough time to create enough of the essential ‘steroid hormone’ and it will increase your natural testosterone levels so you see a noticeable difference. As well as numerous other health benefits that I will not get into in this article.

There are foods that you can add to your diet to increase the amount of  vitamin D, but ultimately sunlight is by far the best option.

Depending on where you live, it might be worth taking a vitamin-D supplement in winter if you don’t get a lot of sun . Or better yet, when winter comes go and visit somewhere tropical and get some sun and a much needed break!

Say Goodbye To Stress


You may not  know it but our natural testosterone levels are lower than what they were half a century ago,  could this be due to the fact we are always stressed out due to the hectic modern lifestyle?

As soon as your stress levels are elevated enough your body will produce cortisol, which is the enemy of testosterone and the enemy of good health – something you don’t want to get a lot of.

It can prevent you  you from both losing weight and or building muscle quickly, so anything you can do to reduce your stress levels will will do your mental and physical health a lot of favors. Feeling stressed out because of work isn’t a badge of honor, and it is a sure way to lower your natural testosterone production and shorten your lifespan.

Don’t Spend Hours In The Gym


One thing that happens when you spend too much time in the gym is increased cortisol levels, and I think it’s where a lot of men get it so wrong.

If you spend too much time in the gym it can end up being counter productive as increasing your cortisone levels can actually lower your testosterone levels which ironically will make it harder to gain muscle!

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