Save Money By Making Your Own Pre Workout Drink

If you have ever been in need of motivation to go to the gym look no further than pre workout drinks, you wont feel like lounging around on the couch once you have consumed a pre workout.

Not only are preworkouts quite expensive, they are also full of harmful additives, such as flavors, sweeteners, colors etc. Sure the store bought varieties get the job done but why spend money on doing something that is just going to damage your health and your wallet!?

Some things to consider

The Ingredients Are So Cheap

The individual ingredients are actually quite cheap and very easy to make, most people think the ingredients are quite costly and that you would need a lab or some kind of specialized equipment to make pre workout powders.

That is simply not the case, the ingredients are inexpensive, widely available and its just a matter of getting the right amounts of each ingredient and mixing them together thoroughly.

Also as I mentioned earlier there is lots of chemicals added to your pre workout that are not only health hazards but they don’t really need to be there – make your own so that you know what you are putting into your body.

Whey Protein Isn’t Where The ‘Real’ Money Is

Believe it or not but supplement companies do not turn over much of a profit on a tub of whey protein, they act more as an incentive to shop with them – for example; “Purchase this protein powder and get 20 percent of this pre workout”.

Or something along those lines, whey protein is widely available so they essentially act like more of lead generator than anything. To be honest whey proteins are also full of nasty additives and it’s not offering you anything that you couldn’t get from food any way.

The Use Of Proprietary Blends

The term ‘proprietary blends‘ is a tad misleading at best and blatantly dishonest at worst.  It means companies can get away with not informing you of how much of each ingredient they have in their product.

They want you to believe that they have spent untold amounts on researching the perfect balance of each ingredient to yield the best results when in reality they can get away with using large amount of cheap ingredients and less expensive ingredients in their formula. Your pre workout could be 90 percent caffeine for all you know.


Make Your Preworkout At Home

It is fairly simple to do and you save your hard earned money by buying the ingredients in bulk. Furthermore you can play around with the ratios of each ingredient and discover what works best for you, everyone’s body is different so a custom blend is going to work best.

Creatine Monohydrate, 5g

Creative helps you build muscle and gain strength, but it also helps you hit an extra couple of reps per set before your muscles fatigue.

Beta Alanine, 5g

Beta Alanine is the reason you feel a tingly sensation in your face when you drink preworkouts. It’s also been shown in studies to improve your endurance.

Caffeine, 200mg

You can use more or less caffeine, but don’t go any higher than 200mg when starting out. It’s the one ingredient you’ll find in everything, because it makes you laser focused and more energetic than ever.

Citrulline Malate, 8g

This is great for anyone who loves a good pump, because it will help send more blood and oxygen into your muscles. It’s also been shown to affect endurance, plus it will prevent your muscles from feeling extremely sore.

Make Sure You Mix Ingredients Well

It is quite important that you mix these ingredients together properly otherwise you may have a scoop that is mostly just one ingredient, I recommend using an electric coffee grinder or some sort of specialized mixing device. If neither of those options are suitable then just be sure to mix it very thoroughly by hand.

Enjoy Saving Lots Of Money

You are going to save money and do your body a favor by making your own preworkout, you can even experiment with other ingredients such as taurine, BCAAs, L-arginine etc.

Be sure to do your due diligence and start off with low amounts of new ingredients, keep in mind that each individual deals with different ingredients in a different way – you may be more or less sensitive to a particular additive.


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