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jason-stathom-quoteJason Statham’s workout program is is extreme, you only need to look at his physique to know that. Something that Jason always says when asked about his workouts schedule is that he always does something different, no two workouts will ever be identical.

You are probably thinking there is not that many different exercises to be able to constantly have a different workout, what I am implying is that you will never do all the same exercises, in the same order on the same day.

Here is an example if you normally  do lat pull downs, dumbbell bench press and squats in one workout then the next workout could be barbell bench press, pull ups using gymnastic rings and lunges.

You are using the same muscle groups yet doing different exercises, this also works different areas of the same muscle groups.

Something that he doesn’t change much is his warmup, rowing machine and light weights, having said that a warmup is designed to get the heart pumping and loosen up the joints to prevent injury, so mission accomplished right?

Checklist To Keep In Mind

#Always Mix It Up

#Train 6 Days A Week!

#Use Lots Of Body Weight Exercises

#Hard And Fast – 35 mins to an hour

#High Intensity Training

#Include Heaps Of Compound Exercises

#Have Short Rests – except when doing heavy weights


Example 1

Warm up = 10 mins on the rowing machine followed by 20 reps of squats with body weight, then do some light stretching to prevent injury.

Now for an intense squat routine, the weight will depend on individual capabilities, if you are unsure just start off light.

Reps: 5
Rest: 90 seconds

You will do this 5 times, so a total of 25 reps. (Jason uses a weight of 175 pounds)

Now for some push ups, a total of 200 to be exact.  You want to come down slowly and up fast – explosive strength. The method that you will do these will be to do 1 push up and have a one second rest, do 2 push ups and have a 2 second rest, 3 push ups have a 3 second rest, 4 push ups and have a 4 second rest. You have now done 7 push ups in total, you want to continue this until you get to 200. (you may not get to 200 on your first attempt)


Example 2

Same warm up again 10 mins on the rowing machine. If there is a different warm up you prefer then by all means do that, tailor the workout to suit you. The rowing machine is good as it is a total body warm up. The idea is just to warm up so don’t over do it, save you energy for the workout. Don’t forget a bit of light stretching on the muscle groups you are about to work.

Pull Downs

Pick a weight that is heavy for you and you can only do about 4 – 6 reps.

Do your reps until failure, immediately (no rest) drop the weight about two to three plates and go again until failure, drop the weight again and go until failure. Keep doing this until you have done 20 reps in total. (do more if you like) Repeat this 5 times.

Make sure your form is correct, if you can’t get the bar all the way down then that is failure – drop the weight and do some more reps. Alternatively you could do this starting with a light weight doing 10 reps then bumping up the weight without rest and continually doing that until you will be going to failure when using the heavier weights.

Don’t forget to mix it up, you could do the pull downs with different grips, wide grip, close grip, sideways grip etc. You could do seated rows instead of pull downs again trying out all sorts of different grips to work different parts of your muscle.

Now lets work the abs;

Here you will be doing super sets – three different exercises.

This is the easy way of doing v ups, try both legs for more advanced version

Start off with stir the pot using the swiss ball, (see top gif) then do some v ups (see bottom gif)ollowed by crunches, alternatively twisting to the left and right once you get to the top. Do these three ab exercises  back to back without rest, that is one set. Do a total of 5 sets. How many reps and sets you do will depend on your current level.

Workout Example 3

Warm  up on the rowing machine for 10 mins

This is mainly a cardio day on the rowing machine but high intensity ‘sprints’, you will do six intervals of 500 metre sprints. With a 3 minute rest in between. When resting try to keep moving by walking around and remember to keep hydrated.

To finish off you want to do a  500 metre farmers carry as quickly as possible, rest when your grip starts to fail, Jason uses two 70 pound kettle bells for this exercise, obviously you want to do a weight that you are comfortable with.

If you do not like the rowing machine you could try the exercyle or treadmill.

Workout Example 4

Two warm ups today; 10 mins on the rowing machine followed by forward and sideways bear crawl. Do each crawl for a distance of 20 metres and a total of four time for each crawl, rest in between if you need to.

Then on to a circuit:

Front Squats
Reps: 5

Ball Slams
Reps: 5

7-metre Fat Rope Climbs
Reps: 5

15-metre Rope Pulls
Reps: 10

Bench Press
Reps: 10

Ball Slams
Reps: 10

Reps: 15

Reps: 15

Ball Slams
Reps: 15

Resisted Fat Rope Pulls
Reps: 20

Whip Smashes
Reps: 20

Obviously if Jason is always changing his workout routine then the examples shown above are merely scratch the surface of his entire training schedule. He is always mixing it up and you should too!

The Diet Of Jason Statham


There is little known about Statham’s diet, only that he avoids refined sugar, refined white carbohydrates – basically junk food. This is a good eating plan not only for someone who is trying to get in shape but for someone who is trying to avoid being sick as well!

He is not a calorie counter, with that being said if you are getting all of your calories from a balanced diet of wholefoods and are training with the intensity that Jason does then there is really no need to count your calories. When you are hungry eat clean food and you will remain at a healthy weight range. (in conjunction with training of course)


Jason Statham’s Martial Arts Background


Jason has admitted in various interviews that he trains in both Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Tae kwan do. He also learns a few moves here and there to use in his action scenes

One thing to remember is that training for fight scenes on screen and training to be a proffesional fighter are too different disciplines




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