Misfit Shine 2 Review: The Most Accurate Fitness Tracker So Far

The Misfit Shine 2 might look like a little orb from outer space, but it’s actually the best fitness tracker for accuracy at this moment in time. The fitness tracker industry has blown up recently, but buying one doesn’t seem like the right move if you can’t be sure you’re getting accurate results. This Misfit Shine 2 review will shed a lot of light on questions you must be asking yourself about the device, and by the time you’ve finished analyzing all the information you’ll know it’s the right fitness tracker for you.

The Misfit Shine 2 Design

Misfit Shine 2 side viewYou can’t help but think the metallic disc that sits on your wrist looks like something out of a science fiction movie. It doesn’t seem to dissimilar to the older model, although the Shine 2 is slightly bigger. All of this fits snugly onto a silicon band tough enough to handle heavy usage. One thing about the design you’ll love are the flashing lights, which will give you specific notifications based on what you see. Your Shine 2 will also come with a clasp in case you don’t want to wear it on your wrist.

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The Activity Tracking Features

You know it’s the best fitness tracker for accuracy, but it only really focuses on a couple of things in particular. In case you were wondering, most others focus on the same two things. The only bad thing about the Misfit Shine 2 is the lack of a heart rate monitor. Let’s look at what those things are it tracks, and we’ll also break them down into more detail.

Exercise Tracking – One of the most amazing things about the Misfit Shine 2 has to be the advanced GPS built into the device, so instead of just counting your steps like most fitness trackers it can tell you how far you’ve run to an accurate degree. Choose from an array of different sports and it will give you lots of information about any session you take part in. It also gives you the general stats you’ll be curious about.

Sleep Tracking – It has the power to know when you’ve fallen asleep, but you must be careful as it could think you’re sleeping while you spend the entire evening lounging around on the couch. Somehow it manages to tell whether you’re in light or deep sleep, which will help you work out your sleep cycles. You’ll also know the real answer to how many hours you sleep each night.

The Notifications On The Misfit Shine 2

We touched on this a little earlier, but it really is one of the coolest features you’ll find in the Misfit Shine 2. First of all, it starts with a dozen LED indicators running around the outside of the device. Tap on the top of the Shine 2 and some will light up to let you know how far away you are from a specific goal. There are blinking lights and color changes to give you extra information.

Misfit Move is something everyone who uses the device will learn to appreciate, and it will go a long way towards helping them get fit. You will have to set up the specific notifications inside the app, but your Misfit Shine 2 will remind you to get up and do things depending on what you’ve asked of it. You can set up those notifications down to the specific time of the day, which might encourage you to use the alarm clock.

The Dedicated Misfit Shine 2 App

All great fitness trackers come with an equally great smartphone app, and the Misfit Shine 2 is no different. It will give you the really detailed information on how good you were at hitting your goals, plus everything will be displayed in a way anyone will be able to understand. The main section inside the app will give you all the vital details the fitness tracker has picked up, and you’ll be able to uncover even more information if you search a little harder.

The Misfit Shine 2 Battery Life

The Misfit Shine 2 review has uncovered a lot of gems, but one thing we’ve not looked at yet is the battery life. Surprisingly, it comes with a coin cell battery like the one you’ll find in regular watches, which means it will last almost half a year before it needs to be recharged. Not only is it the best fitness tracker for accuracy, but its battery life can’t be matched. With all these features packed into the little metallic orb, you won’t regret your decision to start using it.

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