The Best Power Tower To Suit Your Needs

The best power tower you can buy for your home should let you perform lots of different exercises, and they’re all amazing when it comes to building a cover model body. These days it’s possible to buy a lot more fancy ones than any available a decade ago, so let’s look at the best ones available now in case you’re interested in building your own home gym.

XMark VKR Dip and Pull-Up Station Power Tower XM-7616

XMark VKR Dip and Pull-Up Station Power Tower XM-7616Key Points

#An angled ergonomic back pad for maximum comfort

#The tower is constructed from 11-gauge steel

#Its scratch resistant finish keeps it looking new

#3-inch thick cushions help prevent injury

#Additional handles at bottom for push-ups


Everything about this power tower equals heavy duty, and even those weighing a few extra pounds can use it effectively without it budging. This helps later on when you want to add external weights to build an even bigger chest and back. It has a split handle grip for your pull-ups, which a lot of people seem to like better than the straight bar on other models.

It’s considered the best power tower by some because of the selection of exercises you can do on it. Apart from the obvious dips and pull-ups, you can also do knee raises and push-ups. It doesn’t take too long to put together, plus everything is packed well enough to prevent it from getting damaged before it reaches your home.


Even though the tower is sturdy when you’re hanging from it, the caps on the base of the frame are plastic so it could move easily if you bumped into it too hard. Another drawback is the thickness of the pull-up bar, which will be fine for most people although it could be a little too chunky if you have small hands.

One of the main drawbacks has to be the actual size of the power tower, which has its negatives and well as its positives. If you’re tall and you have a low ceiling you’re going to be very close to banging into it when you pull yourself up. You also need a lot of room for your body when you’re doing push-ups so you can straighten your legs out. Click here to check price on Amazon.

IRONMAN Triathlon X Class Multi-Function Power Tower

IRONMAN Triathlon X Class Multi-Function Power TowerKey Points

#It has a weight capacity of up to 400 pounds

#Angled forearm cushions help support your elbows

#Adjustable handlebars with padded cushions

#Ability to use many different grip positions

#Thick cushions help with comfort and injury prevention


The power tower might be extremely heavy duty, but it’s so easy to put together anyone could do it. Once everything is set up the tower won’t budge no matter what exercise you’re performing. This is actually a huge benefit considering you can do a lot more exercises than most other power towers will allow you to do.

Surprisingly it’s one of the only ones that gives you the option of training your legs thanks to the adjustable handlebars. People are saying this is better than most you would find at the local gym, which you’ll realize is absolutely true once it’s set up in your home. You won’t even need to visit the gym again as so many people perform their full body workout on it.


We’ve already mentioned you won’t run into any problems putting the tower together, but you should be aware it’s going to take you an entire afternoon. It’s far too big and has too many different parts to throw together in an hour. It’s better to set it up where you’re going to house it, because you won’t be able to move it around easily.

You will be able to perform full body workouts on the power tower, but it leans very heavily towards the upper body so you could end up out of proportion if it’s all you use. There isn’t too many other negatives from past customers, apart from the fact you’ll need to spend more money on external weights. Follow this link to purchase on Amazon.

XMark Powerbase Power Tower with Assisted Lift XM-7632-34

XMark Powerbase Power Tower with Assisted Lift XM-7632-34Key Points

#Includes a special weight assist attachment

#Multiple pull-up grip positions available

#Comfortable tear-resistant cushions

#3 different weight assist resistance bands

#Scratch and skid resistant tower feet


The assisted weight bands are perfect for people starting out, because not everyone will be able to perform body weight pull-ups and dips. As soon as you’ve built up a decent level of strength they can be removed. You will be able to do anything on the power tower without it shaking because it weighs so much, which is more of a positive unless you want to move it.

One major benefit is the lifetime warranty that comes with it, so it means you can feel more relaxed about paying nearly a thousand dollars for the tower. You will also find if you don’t stop for any breaks you should be able to build the entire thing in only a few hours because of the clear instructions.


It might be one of the sturdiest power towers around with scratch resistant feet, but depending on where you’re putting it you’ll want a mat underneath because of its weight. People have complained about it being a little expensive for a home gym, but at the same time they understand once you’ve bought it the power tower will be there for life.

We talked about how good the bands are for helping some people out, but they are much less adjustable than the power towers with weight stacks you find in commercial gyms. You should also grab someone to help you out when you’re throwing it together, because it’s so large it could be a little too big for one person. Check current price on Amazon.

Soozier Fitness Power Tower w/ Dip Station & Pull-Up Bar

Soozier Fitness Power Tower with Dip Station & Pull-Up BarKey Points

#Comes with a reinforced steel frame

#Has max weight capacity of 330 pounds

#One of the cheapest quality towers available

#Capable of performing all major exercises

#It’s 82.5-inches in height


A lot of customers are praising the weight of the power tower, which is strange considering how cheap it is. And bear in mind, this is actually a positive and not a negative. There is nothing bad about a sturdy tower considering how wobbly some of them are. It also allows you to perform all the exercises you would expect from any tower.

You get a couple of tools when it’s delivered, and because the unit isn’t very complicated it can be built in no time. The bar you’ll use to do pull-ups is fairly comfortable to hold onto, so it should help you squeeze out more reps. You’ll be able to fit it into the corner of your room easier than huge power towers, so it won’t need an entire room to itself.


One of the huge drawbacks with simple power towers is the ease in which you can perform pull-ups, because as many people know it’s easy to bump your legs. A lot of tall people have complained the only way they can do pull-ups is by keeping their legs bent as much as possible. It’s not the end of the world, although you’re certainly sacrificing comfort for price.

You might have also noticed it’s only 82.5-inches high, which leaves tall people at a disadvantage. At least it can squeeze inside rooms where the ceiling isn’t too high. They have put a lot of parts into the individual boxes, because you will find they’re quite heavy and you might need help moving it around. Click here to purchase on Amazon.

Weider Power Tower

Weider Power TowerKey Points

#Has padded grips to help you with all exercises

#A push-up station built into power tower

#Comfortable and durable vinyl cushions

#Works every muscle groups in your upper body

#A max weight capacity of 300 pounds


The power tower is over 7.5 feet high, so it can accommodate people of almost any height without any issues. It’s also heavy enough to prevent you from shaking when you’re performing heavy pull-ups and dips. Unlike other very cheap and basic towers, this one also allows you to perform push-ups comfortably to hit the chest even more.

Due to the pull-up handles being 42-inches wide, you’ll be able to hit your back with wide-grip pull-ups and close-grip chin-ups. The diameter of the bar is a little on the thin side, but it will make it easier to grab. It does take a while to put the tower together, but it’s easy enough to do on your own.


Some of the holes seems to be a little small, which means it’s hard to connect the pieces together unless you have a drill to make them bigger. If you do need to request separate parts they’ll happily send them out to you, but it does mean you’ll have to invest more time putting it together again.

There also seems to be a lot of complaints about customers receiving boxes with screws and nuts all over the place. If that wasn’t bad enough, everything is jammed into the same box so the delivery date is already going to be exhausting. At least there isn’t any big complaints about the tower once it’s been set up. Click through here to buy on Amazon.

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