PowerBlock Elite Adjustable Dumbbells Review

When the PowerBlock elite dumbbells were introduced in 1990s, the notion of filling your entire garage with dumbbells of different weights or dumbbells in which you had to manually add or remove weights almost became obsolete.

This is the oldest design of adjustable dumbbells but with solid constriction and no fragile mechanisms these dumbbells are built to last. The weight changing method consists of removing a pin and setting it to the desired weight, not as fancy or convenient as turning a dial but it is not something that will easily jam or become damaged.

The dumbbells come in three stages: elite 50, elite 70 and elite 90. These numbers represents the amount of weight in the stages. The difference here is the maximum amount of weight that can be added to the dumbbell. If you are not training for size and strength, need to save money or space the the elite 50 or 70 series may be for you.

– Expandable weight range.
The elite 50, elite 70 and elite 90 have a weight range of 5-50 lbs, 5-70 lbs and 5-90 lbs respectively. The maximum weight range is the only difference between each set. This depends entirely on your training goals, a male bodybuilder should go for the 70 series.

An expansion kit is available for people who would like to use the smallest range for some time before embarking on the other ranges. The kit comes with more weights which are available in 20 lb increments. The user needs just to add the weights to the existing dumbbells to create heavier equipment. This eliminates the need to purchase a new set.

It is very simple to install the additional weights on the dumbbells. It takes less than a minute to add the weights and start engaging in heavier weight training.

– Easily Adjustable dumbbells.
The PowerBlock Elite 50/70/90 Dumbbells are straightforward to change settings and adjust. The weight plates are packed in stacks which have their weights indicated by color-coded markers. A dual-pro selector pin is provided to help the user make adjustments. It is not as quick and easy as other adjustable dumbbell sets but it is not exactly difficult either.

The user needs to slide the U-shaped pin in and out of the weight markers to select a weight and change settings. The magnetic pin will “click” into place to indicate a secure connection.

Adjusting weights in small increments such as 2.5 lbs is possible manually or through micro-settings. On the side of manual adjustment, the user can use little adder weights available in the interior of the dumbbells. The micro-setting process takes more time, but it is easier in the long run. With the bigger increments- 5 lbs and 10 lbs, the selector pin is the best adjustment method.

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– Unique ergonomic design.
The handle is positioned at the center, as usual, but is surrounded by four independent bars which form something like a square cage. The bottom bars keep the adder weights in place while the top bars act like wrist guards. It look difficult to hold on to but you quickly get used to it and some people actually prefer that design.

Some people claim that the padded wrist guards help you to maintain control and prevent your wrist from overbending & getting injured. You are protected from tendon inflammation which can be caused by other dumbbells. The bars do not interfere with lifting and lowering of the dumbbells.

With a squared design, the dumbbells offer a well-balanced, natural feel. The overall length of the equipment changes with selection of weights. This helps the user do certain exercises that are not possible with lengthy dumbbells.

– Quality and durable material.
PowerBlock uses premium-quality materials to make its dumbbells. These dumbbells are designed to be used every day and will last you a lifetime providing that you take proper care of them.

– Super high quality & durable dumbbells.
– Quick & simple to adjust weight.
– Possible to adjust with small increments of 2.5 lbs.
– Easy to install a weight expansion kit for higher weight ranges.
– Comfortable grip with padded wrist guards.
– Designed and made by a reputable USA company- PowerBlock.
– Long 10-year warranty.

– Adjusting weight in small increments of 2.5 lb takes more time.
– Some people may not feel comfortable with 4-bar design grip.

The PowerBlock Elite 50/70/90 Dumbbells are a tough and reliable set of weights. Their block design and stackable weight expansions make them stand out from other dumbbells.

They are premium quality and durable, so you can rest assured that these dumbbells will not let you down. If you think your current dumbbells are not catering to your needs, try these PowerBlock dumbbells.  Most customer reviews online are positive, so don’t just take my word for it.

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